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Foundation Violini Capricciosi


Foundation Violini Capricciosi is a Dutch non-commercial charity foundation which works closely with classical musicians all over the world. Our goal is to show that classical performance is not boring and not dull, but exciting, sincere and beautiful!



The mission of the Foundation Violini Capricciosi is to promote classical music by supporting research, charitable donations, interdisciplinary projects and educational programs such as seminars, music lectures and lectures. Active cooperation of the foundation with musicians from different countries and ensembles is an essential stage for creating and conducting concerts, as well as for disseminating and popularizing classical music. The main focus of the foundation  Violini Capricciosi is on classical violin music from the 17th to the 21st century, and special attention paid to the historically correct performance of music according to recent studies in this area. And besides, everything that is directly or indirectly associated with this or contributes to it.



The foundation Violini Capricciosi was created several years ago by Daria Gorban and united around the foundation talented musicians with world names

and music lovers, who believe in the great importance of classical music for humanity. The role of music in the personal spiritual life is the ability to delight and unite people, to be able to resist pessimism, sadness and inertness.No matter how diverse the music with its basic many styles and directions, its main task remains the same as before: to awaken in a person the best, lofty feelings. The foundation activities aimed at promoting the development of musical culture and drawing attention to the spiritual values and contributing to enlightenment, education, and aesthetic education using musical culture and art.



Foundation Violini Capricciosi is a Dutch Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). We are not required to pay tax on donations, which means we get the full benefit of your contribution. Furthermore, donations to an ANBI not only position your organisation as a socially responsible company but are also beneficially tax-deductible.